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The Korean and Vietnam War: A quick overview

The Korean and Vietnam war overview
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How the war of Korea and Vietnam evolved into Cold War?

The highly substantial events of the COLD WAR era are the Korean and Vietnam wars. How did they evolve into cold war? Let’s have a deeper look into it!

  • The Korean War 1950-53:
  • Background:

The Japanese used to rule the Korea. After losing WW2, the winning nations occupied the Korean Peninsula. Later on, North Korea was occupied by the USSR and South Korea was ruled by the US. Moreover, it was divided on 38th parallel.

By the time, both the powers lost their interest in the region until 1949. However, the USSR promoted its Communist ideology in North Korea and the US backed the Capitalist South Korean government.

The map of Korean division (Courtesy: Sutori.com)
  • The attack on South Korea by North Korea and its role in COLD War:

The situation further aggravated when the US backed South Korea was attacked by the USSR backed North Korea in 1950. North Korea was Pro-Communism and South Korea was Pro-Capitalism.

The war ended in 1953, keeping the division of the Korean Peninsula at 38th parallel. However, the Cold war was still simmering between the superpowers of that period.

  • The End of Korean War:

During war, around 3 million people had lost their lives. Furthermore, circa 70% of them were civilians. Consequently, both the competing sides agreed to an “Armistice”, bringing the war to an end.

  • The Vietnam War 1955-75:
  • Background:

Vietnam was ruled under the French Colonialism. As the time went by, there emerged a movement of independence in Vietnam amid 1950s. Vietnam was demarcated in the line of 17th parallel.

The North Vietnam was communist and backed by USSR’s and China’s communist ideology. The South Vietnam was Capitalist and supported by the US and anti-communist allies like South Korea, Thailand and Australia etc.

The map of Vietnam amid war (Courtesy: PBS Learningmedia)
  • The happenings of 60s and 70s:

The events of 60s and 70s also intensified the cold war between the two blocs. By the time, the war in the wake of independence and freedom had evolved into “Cold war confrontation”.

Some of the experts and sages call it a “Cold war-era Proxy war” and lasted for circa 19 years. It became the war between the Communist North Vietnam and the Free-market democratic South Vietnam. It ended in 1975 and the US lost it.

  • The End of Vietnam War:

In the war, overall, 1 million people had casualties. Also, approx. 56,000 Americans lost their lives and over 300,000 wounded. By the year 1972, American troops left and South Vietnam was unified into North Vietnam as well as became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam under Communist ideology.


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