How to read Online Newspaper for CSS/PMS exam?

How to read online Newspaper
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Online Newspapers reading tips

Aspirants are absolutely required to stay up-to-date regarding the National and World Affairs. However, the million dollar question is what “Online Newspapers” are to be read?

As we all are living in the “Age of Information”, where myriad of information sources are in place. From the National Media sources, Electronic and Social media to International News Mediums, all of them are covering International and World Politics.

But there are some sources which are freely accessible. Therefore, “Say no to the premium versions of Online Newspapers” and begin accessing to the free ones.

Here are the most significant Online Newspaper sources and reading tips from the CSS/PMS point of view:

  • National Newspapers

There are thousands of sources and National Newspapers forums. However, the experts and CSPs recommend the DAWN and Express Tribune the most for the aspirants and the CSS candidates.

  • DAWN:

Aspirants need to download the DAWN APP in their cell phones. This is one of the most authentic local newspapers of Pakistan. Moreover, it was founded by the Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The Op-eds (Opinion and Editorials) portion cannot be avoided by the aspirants because it provides a detailed analysis of the National and International Issues at hand.

  • Express Tribune:

The Tribune App is also predominantly available which can be downloaded. It is also recommended for the articles and opinions. The CSS/PMS aspirants will find it quite easy to grasp.

  • International News papers

Just as the Local online Newspapers, the International Newspapers are also prevalent predominantly. Nonetheless, it is humanely impossible to download and read every other source.

On this account, the following are some of my favourite and most suggested online Newspaper reading sources. In addition to that, the CSPs also recommend such reading sources for the candidates.

  • Aljazeera:

The App of Aljazeera is available on Google Play store and on other forums to be downloaded. This Online reading source is free and covers the issues from Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other parts of the globe.

Moreover, Aljazeera YouTube channel can be subscribed because it presents a detailed analysis through experts on its programs like:

  • Inside Story
  • The Stream
  • Counting the Cost for the International Economy etc.
  • The Guardian:

The Guardian is also a free online reading source for the CSS and PMS aspirants. It renders a very good analysis on the US Politics and other affairs of International Concern. This can be downloaded as well.

  • The Economist:

Most of the CSPs hugely suggest this Online Source for the aspirants. However, it is premium based; therefore, not free at all. Certainly, most of the students are unable to pay for it.

Online Newspaper reading tips

Under such condition, you can simply login to their account without paid subscription. This will help you stay connected with “The Economist” through email. Hence, you will receive some chunks from them which will definitely help.

Also, it gives you an opportunity to read three free articles per month. In this scenario, you must select the topic carefully for reading on it.

In Sum and substance

To conclude, it can be said that aspirants need to pay a due heed to the selection and reading from the Online Newspapers. They play an instrumental role in acing the Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs and various other optional subjects.

Always remember:

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

(Margaret Fuller)

So, how did you find these Online Newspaper reading tips? Put your comments below!

Best of Luck!

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