A Clinching Plan for MPT 2023 Preparation

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MPT is the MCQ Based Preliminary Test that is conducted to screen out candidates for the written exam of the CSS.  As per the announcement by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), the MPT will be held on 2nd October, 2022 for the Competitive Examination (CE-2023).

With almost 1.5 months left, the aspirants must be panicking for the MPT while preparing for a subjective part. Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining attached. As Michael Porter, an American Academic states,

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

Michael Porter

For the guidance of aspirants, a well-calibrated plan for MPT 2023 preparation has been laid out which is presented below:

  • Select a good book for MCQ preparation issued by authentic publications. For instance, Sir Kareemdad Chugtai’s book is well-appreciated and hugely suggested by seasoned mentors.
  • Also, use internet sources extensively. There are websites namely Pakmcq.com and CSS Times that can be of help for sure.
  • Dedicate around 2 to 3 hours of your day to MCQ preparation only.
  • Learn MCQ from all areas as specified in MPT syllabus by FPSC in following scheme:
Areas of StudyNo. of MCQs (Daily)
Pakistan Affairs200
General Science200
Ability Portion200
Current AffairsDaily DAWN and JWT magazine
English Syn/Ant50 – 100
AggregateCirca 1000 (Per Day)
  • By studying these areas in 2 to 3 hours per day can make a huge difference. The rough estimate of 1000 MCQs per day implies you would be able to learn around 45000 MCQs within next 45 days.
  • Since the qualification a criterion is to secure 33% marks to hop in the next endeavor, the right strategy with right time-management can go a long way.
  • Apart from Vocabulary part of English, the grammar part needs to be prepared smartly along with Précis & Composition paper.
  • MPT exam has proven a blessing in disguise for serious aspirants. With its preparation, the objective part of written part will be covered by default which remains largely neglected.
  • Lastly, consistency needs to be prioritized as it remains a predominant key in all respects.

Along wrapping up the MPT preparation plan, it is stated that besides the sources mentioned in the article, numerous other sources are also prevalent which can be consulted. But, always choose them wisely.  

Best of luck for your preparation, aspirants!

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