About us

Aim and mission of CSS Planet: Tricky concepts made easy!

CSS Planet is Pakistan’s first CSS online education and guidance platform that has aimed at explaining tricky concepts of CSS, PMS and other competitive examinations. It also helps through online study-materials with an idea that no aspirant should be left out of FPSC and PPSC exam competition due to Inaccessibility to costly CSS coaching centers. We write simple, Stress-free language to understand articles by prioritizing the high standards of content for the Competitive examination.

Educational, Motivational, Inspirational, Guiding, CSS and PMS Concepts

Mission: Helping you achieve your goals by making tricky concepts easy!



  1. To impart education
  2. To make tricky concepts easy
  3. To guide the unguided students and CSS and PMS aspirants
  4. To help beginners comprehend the concepts in crisp form

To inspire, motivate and educate the CSS and PMS aspirants

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